Atlanta Science Festival: Exploration Expo

The Exploration EXPO held on March 25th in Centennial Park represented the final event for the 2017 Atlanta Science Festival. Thousands of visitors gathered for the annual festival where universities and organizations in the metro region showcased science alongside major companies such as Google and Delta. GGA featured the Giant Traveling Map with activities involving QR codes, Virtual Reality headsets, and Google cardboard allowing the public to stand on the map and “view” how the landscape changes across the state.  These activities were quite successful as many kids hadn’t really had the chance to fully explore Georgia yet!  In addition, we had an array of local rocks, fossils, and minerals to examine, maps to color of our state, and a push pin map of the metro region where individuals could “plot” where they lived by making their mark on the map with a thumbtack to represent their home location in Georgia.

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