August’s Featured Teacher: Katy Cochran

Starting in January 2017, the Georgia Geographic Alliance will be featuring nominated teachers each month. If you know a teacher who you think should be nominated, visit our page to find out how we can recognize them!

Our featured teacher for the month of August is Katy Cochran. Read her bio below.

As a teacher and especially as a science teacher, it is critical that I keep my students connected to the world around them. Druid Hills Middle school is an International Baccalaureate school which requires our students to always think globally. I begin each year explaining that as a student at Druid Hills Middle school we are not only concerned with DeKalb County, or Atlanta, Georgia, or the southeast United States or the Northern Hemisphere, but in essence the whole world. I ask the students to always think about how their decisions have a global impact. In order to encourage global thinking, we begin each day watching CNN student news. CNN student news is broadcast directed towards middle and high school students. They detail current events in manner suitable for our age students. After we watch the broadcast, we discuss and sometimes debate the topics presented on the show. In addition to watching the news, I incorporate the latest discoveries and technologies as soon as they are presented in print or broadcast. As a member of NSTA and GSTA, I receive monthly and weekly information about new findings. For example, as we were studying astronomy this year breakthroughs about new planets were in the news. In our unit on hydrology, we looked at countries that struggle to have clean water.

-Katy Cochran


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