Dr. Christy Visaggi, Co-Coordinator and Director of Education and Outreach for the Georgia Geographic Alliance, received $2500 from the Paleontological Society in support of a teacher training workshop entitled  “Mapping Georgia Through Deep Time: Exploring Fossils and the History of Life using Place-Based Learning in K-12.”  The week-long summer program will emphasize hands-on learning in the lab and field of biological and geological concepts through the lens of geography.  Topics will be covered based on Georgia Performance Standards and the impact of place-based learning assessed using pre- and post- surveys.  Teachers will create a “GAPaleoTour” using National Geographic’s Map Maker Interactive upon conclusion of the workshop allowing for all K-12 schools to explore how changes in the fossil record are represented across Georgia.  More details coming soon for this August workshop.  Congratulations to Dr. Visaggi!  Georgia Geography: we are reaching new heights!

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