February’s Featured Teacher: Dustin Cannarella

Starting in January 2017, the Georgia Geographic Alliance will be featuring nominated teachers each month. If you know a teacher who you think should be nominated, visit our page to find out how we can recognize them!

Our featured teacher for the month of February is Dustin Cannarella. Read his bio below.
In my role as an educator, I aim to ensure my students are knowledgeable about the different sources of information that are useful in analyzing the world, practiced in making connections between data for the purpose of drawing informed conclusions, and ready to make contributions towards solving problems and improving the lives of others. I believe that it is critical that teachers recognize their students as individuals and take a holistic approach towards providing them with a complete skill-set, understanding that the ability to make well-informed decisions will be necessary for them all to be successful despite the variety of paths they will pursue. This conviction inspired me this year to incorporate a unit into my curriculum that required my students to learn about a problem impacting their communities, research and analyze environmental and demographic indicators related to the problem, and then propose solutions supported by what they had learned through the synthesis of information. This task involved my students learning to use ArcGIS technology, which provided them the experience needed to be able to continue to learn about issues at a detailed level for the rest of their lives.

-Dustin Cannarella

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