GGA at the Educate GA Summit

On January 11-12, Georgia Geographic Alliance participated in the 2017 Educate GA State Summit at the State Capitol right down the street from us in Atlanta, GA. As exhibitors, we promoted the Giant Traveling Map and everything GGA has to offer to over 1000 state officials, educators, parents, business and community leaders. Our graduate research assistant, Brie, worked together with a team of summit participants to figure out multiple education-based challenges that were dependent on technology to solve. This all took place on the new iSchool initiative touring bus that travels around from school-to-school in order to promote the use of technology in the classroom. Brie and her team were able to complete all but one challenge before the time ran out. Most 3rd graders are able to complete all the challenges with time to spare! Besides promoting GGA, our co-director, Dr. Christy Visaggi, was also able to attend a few sections to learn about the future of education policy and exciting new advances in the technology being used in the classroom in the K-12 system. It was an enjoyable 2 days for all involved!

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