GGA at the March for Science

On April 22nd, 2017, Georgia “showed the world that we stand with science” with a local March for Science in Atlanta. The event was a celebration with over 10,000 local scientists and science enthusiasts who came out to support the scientific community. And GGA was there to participate. We were able to host a table that promoted geographic awareness amongst the citizens of Georgia, with specific focus on K-12th graders. The giant traveling map was there for kids (and adults) to run around on while learning about the 5 major regions of GA. We also  brought a smaller map of Atlanta and surrounding areas so that kids and adults could pin where they live and traveled from for the march. We then uploaded the map to show people how far everyone came in order to support science! Little did we know that we would have participates from all over the world! Some of the pins seen in the corners and surrounding borders of the poster board are for Latin America and Europe. 

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