March’s Featured Teacher: Whitt Jones

Starting in January 2017, the Georgia Geographic Alliance will be featuring nominated teachers each month. If you know a teacher who you think should be nominated, visit our page to find out how we can recognize them!

I believe my mission as an educator is to help mold students into culturally-literate, global citizens who recognize the importance of being life-long learners. Gone are the days when education focused primarily on names, dates, and specific facts. Today we can just ask Siri and have the answer in a matter of seconds. I believe the most important skills today’s students must learn are creative thinking and application of real-world knowledge. To that end, I believe human geography is one of the most relevant courses a high school student can take. I want my students to see real world applicability in everything we do in my class. Whether they are deciding on the best location to place a factory, or tracing the cultural heritage behind their names, or volunteering at a local organic farm, I want them to see how important human geography is to our lives. It simply helps us make sense of everything else.

-Whitt Jones

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