October’s Feature Teacher: Jennifer Garner

Starting in January 2017, the Georgia Geographic Alliance will be featuring nominated teachers each month. If you know a teacher who you think should be nominated, visit our page to find out how we can recognize them!

Our featured teacher for the month of October is Jennifer Garner. Read her bio below.

My mission as an educator is to help my students realize that they are capable of becoming change agents by empowering them to analyze real world problems, analyze how human actions impact other living beings and the environment, and analyze how each one of us can contribute in some way to make the world a better place for all living beings. One major way this can be achieved is to help students consider the perspectives of others and realize the interconnectedness among humans and the natural world in order to develop a sense of responsibility for ensuring the well-being of all living beings and the natural world in which they consider the happiness and needs of others rather than their own happiness or wants/needs. In my classroom, I have integrated geography with placed-based learning. I call attention to local community issues, and students discuss possible reasons for these issues as well as potential solutions. My students are able to identify the inequities among Atlanta’s neighborhoods as well as its contributing factors. Students learn about Georgia’s history and its natural landmarks and resources.

-Jennifer Garner

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