September’s Featured Teacher: Leslie Whitlow

Starting in January 2017, the Georgia Geographic Alliance will be featuring nominated teachers each month. If you know a teacher who you think should be nominated, visit our page to find out how we can recognize them!

Our featured teacher for the month of September is Leslie Whitlow. Read her bio below.

My mission is to foster lifelong learning in my students and a never ending curiosity in the world around them. I bring stories of my travels into the classroom as much as I can to instill in them the possibilities of travel and learning other cultures. I continue to try to expand my knowledge in places around the world and to try new pedagogy in my classroom every year to better reach students. I teach AP Human Geography in a small rural area in SE Georgia where many students have little to no experience outside our community. I use our community as their springboard to learning geographic concepts and make connections to the nation and global scales. I have used city planners, farmers, virtual field trips and problem solving projects to increase their interest in their world. This year I am also starting a Geo Travel club at Glynn Academy to bring geography to students beyond the course. “Everything is geography and geography is everything” is the quote my students hear from me daily.

-Leslie Whitlow

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