Sue Gordon visits the Urban Atlanta Geospatial STEM Academy

image003Last summer, Tim Hawthorne held a youth summer workshop called The Geospatial STEM Academy. The Geospatial STEM Academy was made up of one hundred high school students that came together in community-based learning with geospatial technology. This academy helped students learn about prominent urban issues, mapping food accessibility in an urban area, green space restoration, invasive species, neighborhood demographics, and transportation safety all while applying geospatial technologies. The Deputy Director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Sue Gordon, heard about Hawthorne’s summer academy and came to meet with the program’s students in Atlanta. This event was hosted by The Georgia Geographic Alliance (GGA) in which presentations by Deputy Director Gordon, Dr. Hawthorne, and 20 students, who participated in the academy, were shown. Sue Gordon proposed a competition where all the kids from the summer STEM academy competed to win a sponsorship to national GIS Day. At the event, The Georgia Geographic Alliance had a booth with information about the alliance.

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