The Giant Traveling Map at Oak Grove Elementary School

The National Geographic national initiative for this year is giant maps of each state.  These maps were created by National Geographic’s expert cartographers, and not only are the maps fun but they also are powerful tools for introducing geography and map reading skills to students. The Georgia Geographic Alliance received two 16-by-20-foot maps of the state of Georgia, and by request, the map will be shipped to different schools across the state for educational use. To learn more about the map and its availability, go to the ‘The Giant Traveling Map’ section on our webpage! There, you can learn more about the standards that are being targeted by teachers using the map under our Resources link. We have resources offered from National Geographic, from the Georgia Geographic Alliance, and a few developed by teachers that have already used the map! Check out the availability calendar to see when you can request the map. If you see that one or both of the maps are open for the time period you want the map, fill out the request form and we’ll contact you to set up your reservation for the map. Please visit the Giant Traveling Map webpage.

The giant map also visited Oak Grove Elementary School, located in DeKalb County just outside the City of Atlanta.  The map was there the week of November 7 and was used by approximately 160 students and eight teachers.  Awesome resources and games, such as city relay and river delivery, were created for the map by Oak Grove teachers.  Check out our resources here.

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