The Giant Traveling Map at Toomer Elementary

On September 12, 2016, Dr. Christy Visaggi and Brianna Galbreath held their first local Giant Traveling Map event. They took the map of Georgia to Toomer Elementary School located here in Atlanta! Everyone took their shoes off and participated in activities focused on exploring the five regions of Georgia and their geographic history. GGA was responsible for developing educational activities that met with the 5th grade science standards related to locations in Georgia where weathering, erosion, and human interaction in mitigating hazards are particularly relevant. The kids used mini wipe-boards with a map of Georgia to draw out the regions, and then ran around and located them on the giant map. They identified photos of well-known landforms around Georgia, answered questions on constructive and destructive processes responsible for their formation, and found the places on the giant map using their memory, clues in the photos, and what they had learned in classes leading up to our visit. They investigated different types of rocks from the regions as well and placed the rock samples in the correct regions on the map! To find out more about having the giant traveling map come to your school, see the Giant Traveling Map page located here.

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