Verizon Foundation awards $75,000 for the 2015 Summer Geospatial STEM Academy in Atlanta


Verizon Foundation Partnerhip: “$75,000 Check Presentation” with The Georgia Geographic Alliance for the Geospatial STEM Academy

December 18, 2014

Atlanta, Georgia

Julie Smith, Vice President of External Affairs with the Verizon Foundation, and Dr. Timothy Hawthorne, State Coordinator and Director of Research for The Georgia Geographic Alliance, discuss the new “2015 Summer Geospatial STEM Academy in Atlanta” partnership between Verizon and The Georgia Geographic Alliance at Georgia State University.

The grant of $75,000 from Verizon will support 100 9th-11th graders as they learn and apply GIS and community geography in Atlanta this summer. On behalf of geographers, teachers, and geography students around the state, we are thrilled to be working with Verizon and can’t wait to unveil more details very soon along with the official press release.

Hear what National Geographic Headquarters has to say about the partnership!

National Geographic is proud to be a sponsor of the Georgia Geographic Alliance and to join with Verizon and Georgia State University in support of the Urban Atlanta Geospatial STEM Academy. These four workshops will give at least 100 9th through 12th grade students from Georgia schools a sound introduction on how to apply geospatial technologies to real-world issues and help prepare them for careers in the geospatial technology field.” —Kathleen Schwille, Executive Director of the National Geographic Education Foundation and Vice President,Curriculum, Education and Children’s Media.

Check out the Youtube clip below to hear Julie Smith, Vice President of External Affairs with the Verizon Foundation, discuss why Verizon is excited about the Geospatial STEM Academy!

Overview of the Academy:

The Urban Atlanta Geospatial STEM Academy: Preparing High School Students for Geospatial Technology Careers at Georgia State University (GSU) is a summer STEM education training program that engages one hundred 9th through 11th grade students from the Atlanta region in community-based geospatial technology educational experiences. The Academy offers four separate weeklong summer workshops (25 students per session) where students will apply geospatial technologies to examinations of prominent urban issues, including mapping urban food accessibility; urban green space restoration and non-native invasive species; neighborhood crime statistics and demographics; and multimodal transportation safety analysis. Academy students will engage in active learning connecting interactive lecture discussions, hands-on geospatial technology labs, collaborative research planning discussions, personal and direct mentoring with a diverse group of Georgia State University undergraduate and graduate students, and community-based fieldwork in Atlanta neighborhoods.

Check presentation at Georgia State University

Dean William Long of the Georgia State University College of Arts and Sciences and Dr. Timothy Hawthorne (GGA State Coordinator) accept a $75,000 Verizon grant on behalf of The Georgia Geographic Alliance at Georgia State University.

With an explicit focus on learning and applying geospatial technologies in community-based research projects, the summer Geospatial Academy is the first of its kind for high school students in the southeastern United States. The Academy is a natural extension of existing work in community geography, GIS, and related geospatial technologies at GSU led by Dr. Timothy Hawthorne, the Academy’s Principal Investigator. Hawthorne’s community geography and GIS work with youth and teachers is currently funded by the National Geographic Education Foundation through a grant to The Georgia Geographic Alliance (GGA). Hawthorne is the GGA’s State Coordinator and Director of Research.

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