WIN $500 FOR YOUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK!! Map kindness.

WIN $500 FOR YOUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK!! Mapping Acts of Kindness through the Crowd-Sourced “People Loving People Mapping Project”

To celebrate 500 acts of kindness on the People Loving People Mapping Project, The Georgia Geographic Alliance at Georgia State University is offering a short-term mapping challenge. Any GA K-12 school that adds 500 acts of kindness to the map between right now and Tuesday, October 21 at 5 pm EST will be eligible to win $500 to support geographic education. Start mapping kindness with your students now at Join us as we celebrate kindness, geographic education, and anti-bullying month! #peoplelovingpeople #kindness #georgiageography

To win this short-term challenge, the school must have at least 500 acts of kindness on the map during the week-long competition. Of all schools with at least 500 acts of kindness on the map during the week, the school with the most acts of kindness for the week will win the $500 award to support geographic education.

Join Georgia schools and other schools around the world in mapping acts of kindness, big or small sponsored by the Georgia Geographic Alliance, the National Geographic Society Education Foundation, and ESRI.  Add to the internationally crowd-sourced mapping project inspired by the number one selling solo artist of all time, Garth Brooks and his new song “People Loving People.”  Follow the movement at #peoplelovingpeople and share your story now at

We challenge your school, your teachers, your students, and you to join the movement and to challenge other schools in your area.  We will be developing a variety of freely available geographic lesson plans and activities around these data, so please join us!

About the mapping movement:  The Georgia Geographic Alliance, a member of the National Geographic Network of Alliances for Geographic Education housed at Georgia State University, wants to know just how interconnected and kind the world really is today.  How much?  Well, that’s up to you!  Share your story and encourage others to share theirs at

What are we looking for on the map? Acts of kindness, big or small, given or received are what we are looking for, but it is really up to you.  From a family donating their time in a local soup kitchen to a group of kids planting trees in their neighborhood….these are some of the stories to map.  Acts of kindness to others and the environment are all welcome.

Why are we doing this?


  • We all need to know the world is full of good
  • Maps tell great stories and are just cool
  • Garth Brooks inspired us with his new song “People Loving People”

Please visit to learn more and to map your story!  Encourage others to share their stories through the use of the hashtag #peoplelovingpeople

With respect and gratitude,

The People Loving People Mapping Team at the Georgia Geographic Alliance

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